My Record

Since moving to Cheverly in 2004, I have immersed myself in our community, volunteering my time for numerous organizations, and serving in many leadership positions.  I was first appointed to the Cheverly Town Council for Ward 1 in 2010; since then my constituents have elected me to four consecutive terms.  Through my years of involvement, I have earned a reputation for rolling up my sleeves and getting things done.  Below are some of my accomplishments.

Making the Most of Our Tax Dollars

  • Helped Cheverly weather a 21% loss in revenues ($2.1 million) during the recession by advocating for careful spending choices while maintaining essential police and other public services.
  • Lowered our tax rate from .54 to .51, following through on my promise to prevent a tax increase once we had returned to a firm financial footing.
  • Saved the Town over $500,000 by holding WSSC accountable for completing curb-to-curb paving repairs on Cheverly streets.
  • Engage Town residents and community organizations in an annual budgeting process to identify and prioritize our community needs and wants.

Keeping Cheverly Safe and Well Served

  • Promoted a safer and more connected community by expanding citizen use of police radios, and advocating for mobile phone after-hours access to Cheverly Police and Team Cheverly crime alerts.
  • Advocated for the creation of a Police Chief’s Citizen’s Advisory Board to create open, honest dialogue, promote civic participation and advise and offer feedback to the Chief on civic and Cheverly issues.
  • Increased the reliability of electricity service through storms by pushing Pepco to overhaul antiquated infrastructure, and holding Pepco accountable for harmful tree trimming practices.
  • Advocated for superior utility services for Cheverly residents by fostering better working relationships and more frequent communication with our utility providers.
  • Improved pedestrian safety by pushing for better snow removal equipment and practices for sidewalks maintained by Cheverly, as well as the county and state.

Promoting Smart Development

  • Ensured that development studies and plans for the B-W Parkway, Route 202 and 450 corridors, and Cheverly metro reflect Cheverly’s best interests. Designed an inclusive process to include resident voices.
  • Advocated for Town and community interests with local businesses. Fostered Cheverly-centered working relationships, by pushing ALDI, Smith & Sons, World Recycling, and the industrial park to be better corporate citizens.
  • Secured significant upgrades at the ALDI shopping plaza through proactive dialogue with the developer, including safety measures, visual upgrades, and higher quality goods and services.
  • Promoted redevelopment on Route 202, including the conversion of a brownfield into the Walgreen’s pharmacy.
  • Successfully pushed the National Park Service to remove abandoned houses and create new community green space along the B-W Parkway.

Preserving Cheverly’s Natural Resources

  • Led and organized the Town Council’s efforts to “Save our Cheverly Green Space.”  Collaborated with the Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek in a community-wide effort to oppose development that would have destroyed historic Magruder Springs.  This effort culminated in one of the largest mobilizations of citizen activists in County Council history.
  • Connected local students with the Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek annual clean-up event.  Through this effort, removed tons of litter from Cheverly’s own connection to the Chesapeake Bay, and educated students about the importance of clean waterways.
  • Protected our precious tree canopy by: ensuring sufficient funds to plant dozens of new trees around Cheverly, and securing commitments from Pepco to use conservative tree trimming practices.
  • Spearheaded the Cheverly Green Climate Resolution, which institutionalizes climate-friendly Town practices.
  • Serves as Town Council liaison to Green Infrastructure Committee since 2013.

Supporting our Public Schools

  • Expanded access to public Montessori education for Cheverly families from 5th to 8th grade.  Led the advocacy effort to develop Hoyer Montessori as a full public Montessori option for central county residents.  Worked tirelessly with families and the PGCPS Board of Education and staff to expand the program and move into a larger building.
  • Co-led the effort, with Councilmember Stewart, to tackle historic racial inequities in access to education.  Cheverly families living near the Metro (Old Fourth Ward) and Ward 1 families living north of the B-W Parkway, cannot send their children to the same neighborhood and specialty public schools as other families in Cheverly.   With Councilmember Stewart, we successfully advocated for one student, and are pushing for a boundary change to address this inequity for all children in Cheverly.
  • Helped establish the Safe Routes to Schools program at Spellman Elementary School.  Increased the number of children who walk or bike to school by improving traffic safety, and educating children and families about safe walking and biking practices.
  • Serves as a member of the Parent and Community Advisory Council to the Prince George’s Board of Education.

Building a Thriving Community

  • Co-founded Cheverly Village, a nonprofit organization of Cheverly neighbors committed to helping older residents live at home and in community for as long as they would like.
  • Envisioned and implemented “Sharing and Caring” as part of Cheverly’s annual Christmas tree lighting celebration.  This event where neighbors come together to celebrate Cheverly’s youth with musical performances, enjoy company with cookies and mulled cider, sign cards for hospitalized veterans, and donate food for those in need, has brought a deeper sense of community to one of our town’s most beloved traditions.
  • Click here to read my statement on supporting VineCorps and our youth.

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