My Vision

My vision for Cheverly is built on everyone working together to build a thriving community—one that is welcoming, inclusive, celebratory, and ecologically and economically sustainable.

If elected Mayor, I promise you four things:
  1. I will ensure excellent public services for all Cheverly residents.
  2. I will be a meticulous steward of your tax dollars, balancing revenue and costs with our community needs and wants.
  3. I will be a responsive and collaborative leader, capitalizing on Cheverly’s positive spirit to build the thriving community we all want.
  4. I will work to ensure that the diverse voices of our community are always included and inform town governance.

What is your vision for Cheverly?

Share your thoughts with me below, or else contact me directly anytime.


Vote on Monday, May 6 between 7am-8pm at Town Hall, 6401 Forest Road, Cheverly.
Apply for an absentee ballot by completing this form and mailing it to the Board of Elections, 6401 Forest Road, Cheverly, MD 20785