March 2019

Dear Cheverly Neighbors:

As your neighbors and friends, we want to share our unequivocal support for Laila Riazi to serve as our next mayor.

Our children all attended Judith P. Hoyer Montessori school and over the years, we have been impressed by her tireless devotion to our public schools. Laila was a steady presence in the halls and in the classrooms, making our school a stronger, better center of learning. Laila’s achievements are too many to list, but a few key ones include:

  • Co-leading efforts to expand access to public Montessori education for Cheverly families from 5th to 8th grade.
    • Her efforts brought parity to central Prince Georges County, which at the time did not have its own Montessori program through 8th grade.
    • She worked with families and the PGCPS Board of Education and staff to move the program into a larger building as part of the expansion.
    • Laila remained engaged after expansion to ensure there was funding to support and sustain the Hoyer middle school.
  • Spending time in the classroom and the school getting to know teachers, students and their needs, and organizing their community engagement.
    • A daily presence at school, she was able to identify gaps to help inform and drive PTA fundraising and volunteering efforts.
    • She drove the process to make Algebra I a credited class that counts toward PGCPS graduation requirements.
    • Laila initiated the steps to classifying Hoyer a “Green School.”
    • Laila organized students making scarves and collecting donations/winter accessories for Warm Nights, an effort to help the homeless.
  • Directing the “pre-show” and leading logistics and volunteers for the Musical Theater Program.
    • The purpose of the pre-show was to groom kids for the full length show, and even when her daughter was starring in the main performance, Laila still worked with the young thespians to nurture their love of theater.
    • Essentially an assistant director, she drove the show logistics and helped organize volunteers.

We have no doubt that the quality of education our children received was made better by Laila’s attention and dedication to making sure our school was a thriving one, and we know that she will apply the same selflessness, focus and grit to the job as mayor.

We urge you to consider giving your support to Laila Riazi for mayor and are available to answer any questions.


Chelsea Henderson (Past Hoyer PTA President)

Kate Keplinger (Past Hoyer PTA Treasurer and Secretary) and Rob Hanson

Jennifer and Chuck Porcari

Dayle and Christine Robertson (Past Hoyer PTA Vice President)

Chuck and T.C. Hegeman

Tom and Andrea Leal

Rachel Mears (Past Hoyer PTA Vice President) and Sandra Thomas

Cindy and Leonel Popol

Jeanie Mann-Hoehn

Linda and Ritzer Cruz

Juana Ayala